The Council manages the business and affairs of the Society in line with its constitution. It consists of the Officers of the Society and not more than five Councillors. The Council is elected/announced at the Annual General Meeting, with the exception of the President who is elected by the outgoing Council.

The Council currently meets on the Wednesday of the week prior to each General Meeting.

All members are welcome to nominate themselves (or another member) to be elected to Council. Please visit the Call For Council Position Nominations page for further details on the positions available and the nomination form.


Council Position Name
President Dr Kym Thalassoudis
Vice-President vacant
Secretary Lisa Lavan
Treasurer Lynette O'Born
Membership Officer Lisa Lavan
Communications Officer Alexia Hall
Website Officer Scott Gregory
Bulletin Officer Shandel Fensom
Young Astronomers Officer Kathy Coombs
Astronomy Education Officer Mary Adam
Astronomy Outreach Officer Ian Somerville
Digital Services Officer Danny McShane
Facilities & Observing Sites Officer Lyn Grida
Councillors Philip Stephen
Gerhard Velaitis

Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Membership is a significant honour bestowed upon a notable member of the Society. Honorary Life Members are entitled to all the privileges of Full Members and are invited to attend Council meetings. Honorary Life Members do not acquire any voting rights within the Council unless they hold an office or councillor position. They are nominated by the Council and elected at a General Meeting.

Honorary Life Members
Ian Anderson
Ian Bedford
Tony Beresford
Dean Davidson
Trish Ellin
Joe Grida
Lyn Grida
Paul Haese
Colin Hill
Robert Jenkins
Blair Lade
Phillip Pudney
Paul Rogers
Stephen Scheer
Michael Williams