The 2023 Council

The Council manages the business and affairs of the Society in line with its constitution. It consists of the Officers of the Society and not more than five Councillors. The Council is elected/announced at the Annual General Meeting, with the exception of the President who is elected by the outgoing Council.

The Council currently meets on the Wednesday of the week prior to each General Meeting.


Calling for 2024 Council Position Nominations

Wish to nominate for a position on the 2024 council? Information about the types of positions and details available here.


Hans Gnodke



Scott Gregory

Vice President / Website Officer

Lisa Lavan

Secretary / Membership Office

Matt Lindner


Alexia Hall

Communications Officer

Marie Wills

Bulletin Officer

Position Vacant

Young Astronomers Officer

Ian Somerville

Astronomy Outreach Officer

Lyn Grida

Facilities and Observing Sites Officer

David Rowland

Digital Services Officer

Mary Adam

Astronomy Education Officer

Nicola Hughes


Gerhard Velaitis