Volunteers Needed

Help Support the ASSA & Astronomy in South Australia

Our Mission: To observe, understand, share and to enjoy the wonders of the Universe

Our Vision: To inspire and enrich the astronomer in everyone

The Astronomical Society of South Australia (ASSA) relies critically upon its members to volunteer their time in order for the Society to function. Please consider turning your passion for Astronomy into helping the Society to serve its members and the general community. You will be part of a dedicated team making a real contribution and helping to maintain a balanced workload amongst fellow volunteers.

Members can volunteer to serve on Council as elected officers, or they can serve in non-elected roles by appointment, or they can support the Society in less formal ways.

Volunteer opportunities become available at various times, and are listed on this page to help members identify roles that may best suit them.

Current Volunteer Opportunities (updated 10 January 2022)

  • Astronomy Outreach Officer (Council Position): A vacancy currently exists for this important position on the ASSA Council. The Astronomy Outreach Officer is responsible for all of the Society's community outreach events and activities. They are to develop public engagement strategies and implement outreach programmes with the Society volunteers to effect public engagement. Members interested in this position should call or forward a written Expression of Interest (EOI) to the President in order to be considered for appointment by Council.
  • Contributing Writers: The Society is seeking members to write short articles for The Bulletin each month in one or more of the following areas: Astronomy for Beginners, Astronomy & Space News, and Astronomical History. Articles may also be published on the ASSA website. One-off articles such as equipment reviews and other articles are also most welcome.
  • Merchandise Manager: Manages and processes sales of the Society's merchandise. This task primarily concerns the packaging and posting of orders received online when members either join or renew. It also includes the sale of merchandise over the counter at in-person meetings and events.
  • Entrance Management: ASSA requires a small team of volunteers to manage theatre entrance requirements at The Braggs Lecture Theatre at our main monthly meetings. The tasks involve processing booked tickets and assisting meeting attendees to comply with COVID-19 safety requirements. At least one member of the team must be a SAGovt approved COVID Marshal.
  • Social Media Marketing: ASSA requires advice & guidance in the use of Social Media for marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ASSA is also seeking assistance on the selection and implementation of a Social Media Management software package.

Please contact the ASSA President for further information about these or any other volunteer roles.

Recently Filled Roles

  • Women in Astronomy Group Leader: Leads the Mary Emma Greayer Group formed by the Society to encourage and support the participation of women in amateur Astronomy.
    • Update: Thank you to Mary Adam for volunteering to take on this role.
  • Loan Telescope Manager: Develops, implements and manages a system for the short-term loan of ASSA telescopes to members including access to amateur telescopes located at Stockport Observatory.
    • Update: Thank you to Wayne McLuckie for volunteering to take on this new role.
  • Graphic Designer: Designs digital online and printed graphical elements for use by the Society for a variety of purposes including monthly meeting banners, social media posts and graphics as may be required. Knowledge of graphic design would be ideal.
    • Update: Two members have offered to help support the Society's requirements.
  • AV Support Person(s): Supports the live stream of ASSA events, including monthly meetings, ensuring the technical integrity and quality of the audio and video stream. Training will be provided.
    • Update: Thank you to Tristan Anderson for volunteering to help.