Astronomy Resources

Our learning and resources pages include articles, guides and tutorials covering a universe of astronomical topics!

The pages are currently being reviewed and updated -- July 2021


Welcome to Astronomy

Welcome to Astronomy - an introduction to sky watching.

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Equipment & Reviews

Learn how to use telescopes, binoculars and cameras, and read reviews of astronomical equipment.

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Astrophotography highlights the splendour of our night skies, as often seen in glossy magazines.

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Comets, Meteors & Satellites

Comets, meteors and satellites make fascinating observing targets.

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Solar System & Eclipses

Read about the bodies of our solar system.

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Variable Stars

All you need to observe variables stars is a notebook and pencil, a watch, chart(s) for the variable(s) of interest; and it's helpful to have optical aid; especially if you live in suburbia.

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More Articles

More astronomy guides, tutorials and articles.

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