Telescope Loan Program

The Astronomical Society of South Australia is pleased to announce the launch of its Telescope Loan Program. The initiative will enable ASSA members to borrow a loan telescope at very low cost for a period of approximately 3 months. The purpose of the program is to support members that do not have ready access to an astronomical telescope. One of the many benefits of ASSA membership.

The initial pool of loan telescopes consists of three brand new Sky-Watcher Classic 200P (200mm or 8-inch diameter) Dobsonian telescopes. The telescopes, which were difficult to source, were purchased with the help of Will Godward at Sky-Watcher Australia ( and Ron Pinksterboer at the Adelaide Optical Centre ( Thanks Will and Ron!

ASSA will consider adding more telescopes to the loan pool if there is a high demand for the program.

Wayne McLuckie (Program Manager) with Dob#1

How it Works

  1. A random draw will be used to decide who gets first access to the loan telescopes.
  2. ASSA members need to register their interest in the program by "buying" a single free ticket to go into the draw. CLOSED.
  3. The first three (3) telescope borrowers will be determined by the draw. The remaining entrants will also be drawn and entered on the waitlist in the order drawn.
  4. Members can add their name to the waitlist at any time after the initial draw by contacting the Loan Manager, Wayne McLuckie (phone number in The Bulletin).
  5. Members allocated a telescope will be contacted and only then will they need to provide a deposit of $75, to be paid as follows:
    • A non-refundable amount of $25 must be transferred electronically to the ASSA Treasurer upon receiving notification of an available telescope.
    • A refundable amount of $50 (cash only) must be handed over to the Loan Manager at the time of collection. The $50 deposit (cash) will be refunded upon return of all equipment in good order.
    • The total deposit will be withheld if the equipment is damaged or pieces are missing.
  6. The borrower must notify the Loan Manager ASAP if the loan telescope becomes damaged.
  7. The borrower is liable for any loss up to a maximum of $550 if the telescope is lost or stolen.
  8. The Society will hand over and/or exchange loan telescopes at a special members-only ticketed event to be held every 3 months (starting mid-March) at a convenient central location in the Adelaide area.
  9. Regional ASSA members can enter the draw or add their name to the waitlist. However, rather than travelling to Adelaide, they will need to contact the Loan Manager to arrange collection of a loan telescope allocated to them. 
  10. Full details for registering a ticket will be sent to all members via email in late February 2022.
  11. Please download and read the Terms and Conditions (PDF) of the Telescope Loan Program and direct any questions to the Loan Manager, Wayne McLuckie (phone number in The Bulletin).


Allocation of Loan Telescopes

The first round of loan telescopes were allocated using a random draw conducted on 8 March 2022 and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Congratulations to the "winners":

  • Jan Stanek
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Kristy Blunden

A second round of loan telescopes were handed out in June 2022 to:

  • Nigel Oaklands
  • Finley Elliot
  • Ann-Marie Yeates

ASSA is working its way through the original waitlist, and anticipates that additional members will be able to join the program in late 2022.