2023 Award Winners

Astrophotography Awards 2023

Judges: Peter Ward and Phil Hart


The 2023 Astrophotography Exhibition: Marie Wills

Deep Sky Image Award

Presented for the best telescopic or camera image of any Deep Sky (non-Solar System) astronomical object, not incorporating a foreground land or seascape.


Deep Sky Image Winner & Overall Best Image Winner: Paul Montague - Hamburger With Sauce

Sponsored by Adelaide Optical Centre


Paul Montague Receiving The Best Overall Image Award


Highly Commended Entries


Paul Haese - The Blue Whale


Jarrod Koh - The Nunnery

Solar System Image Award

Presented for the best image of any Solar System object, including the Sun, Moon, planets, natural satellites, and comets.


Solar System Image Winner: Jarrod Koh - C/2022 E3 ZFT Approaching Mars

Sponsored by Bintel


Highly Commended Entries


Simon Knight: Exmouth Eclipse Corona

Nightscape Image Award

Presented for the best widefield image, incorporating foreground land or seascapes, of astronomical objects such as aurora, lunar or planetary conjunction, comet, constellation, or the Milky Way. 


Nightscape Image Winner: Ian Inverarity - Blown Away


Highly Commended Entries


Ian Inverarity - Puny Human


Will Godward: Ikara

Timelapse Award

Presented for the best video or timelapse (animated) sequence of images of any celestial scene or event. 


Timelapse Winner: Will Godward - Lake Gairdner Sunset



Highly Commended: Jarrod Rueff - C/2022 E3 ZTF Passing 93 Tauri

Deep Sky Image Processing Award (Trial Category)

Presented to the best image that has image processing only applied to externally sourced data.


Image Processing Winner: Paul Montague - The Pillars of Creation

Junior Astrophotography Award

Presented to an entrant 18 years or younger at the time of submission, and selected from all eligible entries received.


Junior Astrophotography Winner: Darcy Koh - As The Stars Harmonise


Highly Commended Entries


Darcy Koh - Celestial Symphony

The Craig Richardson Memorial Award

Selected by the Richardson family from the Nightscape and Timelapse Video entries received involving a land or seascape foreground. Craig Richardson was a keen and active member of the ASSA from the late 1980's until 2001 and best known for his enthusiastic approach to the observation and photography of the Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights.


Winner: Stephen Miller - Lewisham Aurora

Editor’s Award

The Editor's Award is given annually by the Editor of The Bulletin for the best original article or original series of articles by a member and published in the Society's news letter in the membership year. The article (or series of articles) must be of single authorship of 50 words or more.


Winner: Dr. Rod Hill

For his most helpful series of articles in the Bulletin about the 2023 Exmouth Eclipse. 

Annual Service Awards

The Annual Service Award is given to a current member in recognition of their service to the Society over several years up to and including the current membership year.


Winner: Lisa Lavan

In recognition of exemplary performance as the ASSA Secretary since 2021, for service as the Membership Officer, and organiser of a number of special events.


Winner: Lyn Grida

In recognition of dedicated service to ASSA as Facilities Officer, Annual Dinner Organiser, and Councillor, over many years.


Winner: Susan Baker

ASSA library.  Susan has diligently opened the library prior to the monthly General meetings so members can borrow books, enabling the ASSA to offer members a much-appreciated feature of their membership.