Televue Panoptic 24mm

Televue makes a range of eyepieces and this one is probably the one of the most loved of the lot. In fact it was hailed as the hot new product of 2003 in Sky and Telescope, especially given that it is a 1.25" eyepiece. It has a comfortable eye relief of 15mm and a 68 degree field of view. It was designed so that Nagler type of performance could be mixed with wide field viewing.

For me it was love at first sight. A friend who has a large range of eyepieces has this in his collection. I viewed with it one night and knew instantly I had to have one. I made sure I would not be waiting all that long to have one in my hands. Now this is unusual in that up until then I only owned three eyepieces. I have never been a collector in that regard, but this was different. I like to view things in high, medium or low power.

Typically for viewing with my C14 I like to use the pan 24 with or without a barlow.

In the C14 targets such as M42 and Eta Carina appear quite remarkable when viewed in a wide field. The eyepiece gives a nice bright contrast to them, with no apparent sea-gulling or coma. The images are crisp and sharp all the way to the edge of the field. I have seen many remarkable views through this eyepiece and the SCT.

However, where this eyepiece really shines is when it is combined with the TV 2.5x powermate in an SCT. The detail and sharpness of the planetary disks is absolutely superb. By way of comparison using a 9mm Nagler in an SCT just does not have the same sharpness, contrast or clarity that the Pan 24 does when combined with the Televue 2.5x power mate in the same scope. The impact of the Pan and the 2.5x powermate has on many occasions inspired profound exclamations from a whole range of people.

For any amateur this eyepiece is a joy to use. It is in my estimation one of the best eyepieces you can buy and one that should be in your kit. It should be the first eyepiece that you buy. It will save you searching for that one great eyepiece. With that in mind I can highly recommend it to all.