This page lists key resources for the observation and analysis of variable stars.

  • The American Association of Variable Star Observers ( (AAVSO), the primary international organisation for variable star observers and data analysts. The site allows access to the:
    • AAVSO International Database (AID), the primary, central repository of photometric and visual variable star observations (magnitude estimates).
    • Light Curve Generator, an on-line tool for dynamical viewing of light curves from the AID.
    • Variable Star Plotter (VSP), an on-line tool for creating finder charts for observing runs.
    • International Variable Star Index (VSX), for information about identified variable stars.
    • Specialist observing sections including Cataclysmic Variables, Eclipsing Binaries, Solar and Spectroscopy.  
    • Analysis tools like VStar developed by David Benn (ASSA member) can be downloaded from the site or other tools can be used from the site.
    • Tutorials on many aspects of variable star observing are available. The “Getting Started” section at the top of the AAVSO website is an excellent place to start.
    • Forums on various aspects of variable star observing.  
    • Observers wanting to upload data to the AID will need to be a member of AAVSO and have a registered Observer Code.