Astro-Imaging Group

The Astro-Imaging Group, functioning as a Special Interest Group within ASSA, focuses on astro-imaging at its core. This group engages in capturing images of deep-space objects, planets and comets within our solar system, and terrestrial events showcasing astronomical phenomena such as the Milky Way and auroras, employing both DSLR and dedicated CCD/CMOS cameras.

Participants in this field often employ an imaging rig—an assembly of technologies designed to automate and streamline the image-capturing process. Some members prefer portable DSLR and mirrorless cameras for capturing stunning night scenes, others specialise in specific subjects, such as planets in our solar system or distant nebulae and galaxies. The choice of focal length and field of view varies widely among imagers, from widefield imaging to deep, narrow focuses, tailored to the unique challenges of each celestial target.

Our community prides itself on its supportive nature, with members regularly sharing images and providing constructive feedback within our Astro-Imaging Facebook Group. This fosters not only a deeper understanding of astro-imaging but also knowledge of telescopes, supporting equipment, and their operation, all within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to personal imaging pursuits, the group convenes monthly meetings online via Zoom, typically aligned with the Tuesday closest to full moon, starting at 7.30pm. These gatherings serve as opportunities for members to share, learn, and further develop their astro-imaging skills.

Furthermore, the group organises astro camps at dark-sky locations several times a year, offering social events where individuals with a shared enthusiasm for the night sky can connect and engage in imaging activities. Participation in the Astro-Imaging Group requires current ASSA membership, and the group maintains a private Facebook page for members to pose questions and share or discuss images.

Information regarding upcoming meetings, events, and relevant Zoom links are communicated to ASSA members through the ASSA-Chat email and notices posted to the dedicated Facebook group, access to which also requires ASSA membership.

For more information, please contact Group Coordinator Jarrod Rueff.


Upcoming Meetings

There are no upcoming events.


Michael Mattiazzo -- Comet C/2021 A1 Leonard (28 Dec 2021)