Astronomy in general covers a lot of things, the Internet and technology plays a big part in this, from finding out what the weather is going to be tonight, to remotely controlling your telescope or taking images, there is lots of technology involved as part of our 'hobby'.

The Technology Group aims to document and collate our technical journeys through various projects that are associated with Astronomy and Earth Sciences.

Many of our members make things for their telescopes and observatories or play with technology in order to achieve outcomes and we wish to pass on what we have done so that others can learn from our experiences.

Some of our members monitor the environment, we take measurements of sky brightness, seeing and weather conditions at our observing sites. Some members have earthquake monitoring equipment in their observatories that is part of an Australia wide seismic network. 

Here you will find information on some of those projects consisting of Electronic, Mechanical and Software elements that are semi related to Astronomy or Earth Sciences

Information about technology members have played with that we think is interesting enough to document (and brag) about.

  • Be it a dew heater for optics, accurate timing for data recording, a 3D printed clip to tidy the cable clutter on scopes or some interesting software we've found, hopefully, you'll eventually find it here.

The aims and objectives of the Technology group are:

  • To get Members to write up their projects with enough detail so that duplication by others is possible.
  • Create a repository for those documented projects.
  • Provide a place for technical information.
  • A place to put useful links.